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The Rueben Nomad:

Reuben Sandwich from Rick's Cheesesteak shop

Reuben Nomad eating the Reuben sandwich at Rick’s Cheesesteak shop.

Kris is the Reuben Nomad. His prime directives are (1) serve the Reuben trust, (2) promote Reuben prosperity, (3) uphold Reuben Law.

His first Reuben encounter took place at the now closed Schlomo & Vito’s in Tucson, Arizona in 2001. He had never experienced a Reuben before this day. The Reuben called to him from the menu and he was baptized that day in pastrami, sauerkraut, and and thousand island dressing.

Since that day, Kris’ has set out to find, eat, and share the best Reubens around the world.